Best Backpack Diaper Bag of 2016

Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Best Backpack Diaper Bag

What Is The Best Backpack Diaper Bag?

Diaper bags have come a long way from its conventional design that only fits women, up to its development today where various types and designs already exists including choices under the Backpack form.

There are many parents that are hesitant from getting the best backpack diaper bag basically because of the fact that getting the things you need may get a bit troublesome compared to on-hand bags, sling bags and mail bags. However, if you look past through this, you’ll certainly get a long list of benefits that you’ll be more than fond of.

Carrying diaper bag using your hand or shoulder is undoubtedly a lot more tiresome and laborious than carrying the best backpack diaper bag. Not only that – obtaining a backpack bag also means that your hands won’t have any restraints during your trip, allowing you to multitask and perform even better during any trip.

Backpack bags also have more room in a form that’s more convenient to carry. If you’re convinced about getting the best backpack diaper bag and try out if the raves really are in just and well-deserved, then better start your search with this list of some of the best backpack diaper bags available in the market.

1. DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag

Have no trouble with the space and organization brought by the diaper bag for your baby’s needs through this Backpack diaper bag from DadGear that doesn’t only look incredibly great, but also comes with exceptional features that will prove to be the most convenient bag for your travels with your little one. All-together, this sleek diaper bag consists of 13 different compartments that you can access with ease.

There’s also a unique Baby-wipes window infused on the diaper bag which pertains to the compartment where you can store your essentials in the place that can be accessed the easiest. There’s also the Diaper Hammock of the bag where you can place the diapers for your baby and be guaranteed that it will remain clean all throughout your journey.

The main compartment of the bag is the most spacious, while it also has two pockets to accommodate two bottles each which can be accessed from the outside. There’s also a changing pad together with the bag. Other than its completely top notch functionality and versatility, you’ll also feel more relieved with this bag because of its durable and highly reliable materials that will allow it to accompany you for years to come.


  • Has over 13 compartments you can access and organize with ease.
  • Has unique Baby-wipes window that’s the easiest to access for your essentials and a Diaper Hammock to guarantee cleanliness of the diapers throughout your journey.
  • Comes with changing pad and two pockets that can accommodate up to two bottles which can be accessed from the outside for superior convenience.


  • Expensive.
  • There are some users who had durability problems with the product.

2. Fisher Price Fast Finder Urban Diaper Backpack

Though relatively smaller than the entry above, this diaper backpack still packs quite a spacious interior that will serve you with maximum storage and easy organization that will guarantee your maximum convenience. With the organized compartment of this dome backpack, you’ll certainly be able to have easy access with your things, allowing the product to live up to its name and reputation.

It has a total of three internal pockets and about 8 pockets on the outside which you can easily access on-the-go. It has a wipe case with push-button access, bringing a sleek and innovative way of accessing the things you need within a matter of seconds. Its dome-shaped structure also provides maximum space for the bag.

Carrying the bag will also give you no hassle at all since it has straps that are padded to give you a comfortable experience. You can also keep the bottles of your baby on its special zippered bottle pocket integrated with superb insulation to keep your little one’s milk warm. The product also comes with cushioned changing pad to complete your overall experience. This product is truly something that exceeds other its competition on the same price range.


  • Has 11 total pockets – three internal and eight external pockets to aid you in keeping things organized.
  • Has very spacious compartments with its unique dome design.
  • Has insulated zipper bottle pocket to keep your baby’s milk warm along with a superbly padded strap to give you a comfortable carrying experience.


  • There were users who had durability problems with the bag.
  • Doesn’t have the most ample compartment or space.

3. Diaper Dude Convertible Messenger-to-Backpack Diaper Bag

Travel with your baby in style and versatility with the help of this diaper bag that will give you the prestige of using a backpack and transforming it to a handy messenger-type bag when you want. This convertible bag is a clear favorite not only for dads, but also for moms as well. It comes with spacious compartments to keep your things accommodated and it is infused with comfortable mesh paddings that provides superior breathability of the product.

There’s a separate compartment to keep your baby’s needs and the parent’s things, evidently making it more organize than ever. The shoulder straps are also padded sufficiently to give you a comfortable carrying experience while it also boasts a bottle pocket with insulation, exterior large compartments and a changing pad that’s also padded too. For parents who are on constant travel, this diaper bag is truly something you would be more than happy to have.


  • Has stylish design that can be converted from messenger-style to backpack and vice versa.
  • Has spacious and organized compartments which will give you a more convenient time with your baby.
  • Has outstanding breathability and comfort with its mesh paddings and padded straps.


  • Expensive.
  • Some users claimed that it’s smaller than what they’ve expected.
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