Best Bassinet for Newborn of 2016

Best Bassinet for Newborn

Best Bassinet for Newborn

What Is The Best Bassinet for Newborn?

There are many parents out there that have already prepared a full-blown room for their kid before he isn’t even born yet. This all too familiar scenario is undeniably something that many parents are guilty to. Clothes, toys and cribs are already prepared, however, when your newborn meets the world for the first time, you can’t possibly let him sleep alone on a crib which may or may not be placed on a separate room.

You would always want to check up on him and make sure that he is in a safe position through the entire night. You may even be thinking that it’s better if he’s beside you while you sleep. Fortunately, you can do exactly just that through obtaining the best bassinet for newborn.

Before your kid reaches the age where he can comfortably sleep on the crib, letting him relax and stay serene all the time will only be achievable by placing him on one of the best bassinet for newborn today. This small version crib will allow you to take care of your child while maximizing your rest throughout the night as well. There are variety of choices available in the market today constructed with different designs, materials and features. I know you want your baby to experience nothing short of the best and for this, I have prepared a list of some of the best Bassinets for newborn babies today that will help you have peaceful, worry-free nights with your loving angel.

1. Arm’s Reach Mini Arch Convertible Co-Sleeper

With the Co-sleeper from Arm’s Reach, you never have to worry about being separated with your newborn during sleep as you can just place it beside your bed and you’ll be good to go. This rare development is a small crib-like product that will allow your new born baby to sleep next to you during his early months.

You just have to face his position, reach out to him, and you’ll be able to give him the pampering he needs or even breastfeed him without even going out of your bed. The product is indeed a lightweight choice that has an easy-folding structure. This makes it astoundingly portable especially with its nylon case packed with a very comfortable and durable strap.

The design of the product is also made in such way that it will have superior breathability for guaranteed comfort and safety of your kid. This stellar choice has a nest-height of about 4-inches built with easy-to-access storage on its side for essentials. This product also renders you the benefit of choosing what mode you want – a freestanding bassinet or the co-sleeping mode.

The construction of the product is topnotch and you don’t have to worry about its long-lasting prowess since it will certainly ace that without breaking a sweat.


  • Durable, small and lightweight bassinet which comes with a choice of freestanding or co-sleeper modes.
  • Easy-to-fold and comes with a nylon case packed with durable and comfortable strap which makes it a perfect fit even for travels.
  • The co-sleeper is highly breathable and comfortable, providing sound and peaceful nights for you and your baby.


  • Expensive.
  • A bit tricky to assemble.

2. Babyhome Dream Cot

This stellar product certainly oozes with a vibe of sophistication and innovativeness that’s without a doubt, at the top of the industry. It has a minimalistic design, making it easy to place beside your bed as you and your baby both visit your dream worlds. It has a set of truly revolutionizing feature that will redefine your view of bassinets.

Its lightweight aluminum frame construction allows the product to be superbly transportable and easy-to the -store. It’s also very easy to assemble and disassemble and through an easy-to-reach button, the leg system of this phenomenal device can automatically adjust to a wheeler for a lot more easy portability over the house, or to a rocker that will softly get your baby to a peaceful sleep.

It is also integrated with supple and comfortable foam-mattress with high-density characteristic, making it completely safe for your kid while also rendering them incapable of unprecedentedly getting stuck on the sides or spaces unlike other bassinets. The seamless and awesome fabric covering the product is also removable so you can clean it easily to guarantee the safety of your child even more. Though the cot is closed on its sides, it still won’t pose any problems on the breathability department since it has adapted a unique honeycomb structure that allows it to be highly breathable.


  • Constructed with aluminum frame making it incredibly lightweight and easy-to-transport.
  • The product has different modes which includes its bassinet form, its rocker form and wheeler which are all interchangeable with just a click of a single button.
  • Built with mattress pads possessing high-density quality and structured like a honeycomb to give it a breathable environment, making it a perfect fit for the baby.


  • Expensive.
  • Some users claimed that it’s very easy to be outgrown by your baby.

3. Monte Design Ninna-Nanna Bassinet

Truly a bassinet among bassinets, this ultra-sleek and flawless bassinet will bring all the comfort your baby needs through its outstanding construction and features that makes it one of the best product in the market presently. It has a base construction of wood, topped with a basket with micro-suede material for superior comfort.

It’s undeniably an eye-opener, but it definitely packs the perfect juice to bring the perfect experience for your baby. Users also claimed that the bassinet is more lightweight than what you may have on your first impression. The bassinet is also removable from its base, making it very easy to transport. When the cover of this product needs some cleaning, you don’t have to worry about any hassle as its cover unzips and gets removed within a matter of seconds.


  • Topnotch, eye-opening appearance.
  • Has sturdy wood base and a comfortable micro-suede bassinet for superior comfort of your baby.
  • Removable bassinet for easier transportation and an easy-to-clean cover.


  • Expensive.
  • Isn’t built with a lot of innovative features.
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