Best Britax Convertible Car Seat of 2016

Best Britax Convertible Car Seat

Best Britax Convertible Car Seat

What Is The Best Britax Convertible Car Seat?

When you try to search up a category or item that you want to purchase, there are many elements that you need to consider in order to meet the one that would make you and your baby’s eyes glitter with excitement and satisfaction. One of the important factors is the brand.

If you’re looking for a car seat, there’s definitely a high percentage that every link you’ve been through, there’s a Britax brand item included in the top lists. This brand is undeniably one of the most revered choice today and if you want to narrow down your search, the best way to do so would be to scour the Best Britax Convertible Car Seat options.

There’s definitely a lot of models falling on the category of the best Britax convertible car seat and even if you think that it’s already easy to find the one that tops every model they have, then think again. They have an array of options integrated with various features, materials and overall quality.

What’s evident is that you need to look for the one that would fit the description for the car seat you need for your child. To let you have an easy time searching, let me shorten the list of your choices even more by rendering you the three best Britax convertible car seat that’s raved by innumerable amount of consumers.

1. Britax Advocate Click Tight Convertible Car Seat

Britax Advocate Click Tight Convertible Car Seat

Out of all the line of products from Britax, this Advocate Click Tight Car Seat is undoubtedly one of their most raved product that has been part of the highest rated seat not only on the brand, but in the entirety of the car seat industry. It’s praised for its unquestionably easy installation that would only take you seconds to completely secure and finish.

This guarantees that your child would have the safest experience while at the back of the car. Not only that, this advocate seat also features a phenomenal impact-reducing prowess with its 3-Layered impact-protection on its side along with a steel frame and base that also do the same. This is a part of the product’s patented and revered ‘SafeCell’ Impact-Protection feature which also includes a tether that comes in a v-shaped structure that reduces rotation of the seat and a stitching with staged-release characteristic that minimizes forward movement of the product which is essential during accidents.

Its impact-protection is constructed with a foam-lined deep shell, the side cushioning system and the adjustable head protection which will shield your child no matter how bumpy the ride may get. It also comes with an exceptional harness topped with a Click And Safe feature that produces sound to let you know when the harness has been secured. The harness is also extremely adjustable and the height of seat can even change through a single button.


  • Has amazing impact protection through its ‘Safecell Impact protection system’ which includes the 3 layers of protection along with the features that minimizes unnecessary movement of the car seat.
  • Has Click and Safe harness to guarantee you that your baby is secured throughout the ride.
  • Has sturdy base and frame that also absorbs impact and guarantees that the product is durable.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavy.
  • There are some users who had problems with the buckle of the seat

2. Britax Boulevard G4.1

Britax Boulevard G4.1

This revolutionary and game-changing product from Britax has been the hot pick ever since its advent on the market. It provides superior comfort, protection, stability and overall construction quality, guaranteeing that you’ll certainly be able to revel on an exceedingly satisfying experience for your kid.

It features the brands revered system which is the Safecell Impact-protection. It has a steel-frame bar that absorbs shock to minimize impact, along with a surreal and outstanding side impact-protection prowess. It also emphasizes on protecting the head of your child through its Versa-Tether equipped with energy-absorbing feature that will aid in reducing the frontal movement of your child when unfortunate accidents occur which is also what its HUGS Chest-pads do.

There’s also a phenomenal harness system to secure the position of your child during your ride while it also comes with a body pillow to step up its overall comfort. The product is integrated with EPP Foam on the body, neck and head sections in order to give them unparalleled protection every time. This seat can carry up to 40 pounds as a rear face seat and can hold up to 70 pounds as a front seat.


  • Has True Impact-Protection through the brand’s Safecell Technology which includes its EPP Foam, Versa-Tether, Steel bars and harness System.
  • Provides superior feature that will protect your son from propelling forward during accidents which also guarantees his safety even more.
  • Can reach up to 40 pounds as rear facing car seat and about 70 pounds as a front facing car seat.


  • Expensive.
  • There are some parents who got disappointed with the product’s durability.

3. Britax Marathon G4

Britax Marathon G4

One of the most on-the-go choice for parents is this Marathon model from Britax that’s integrated with nothing short of the most outstanding features developed by the brand. Installing and detaching it from your car is now as easy as pie through its Latch connector with push-button that controls its connection to your car. With a single push, you’ll be able to attach/detach the product.

The product also performs exceptionally with its topnotch features and materials, granting superior protection and experience for your baby. It has a stabilizing, impact-absorbing steel frame and base, paired up with a v-tether that grants a stunning rotation-resistance that’s essential for the stability and safety of your child, especially during accidents. Even the harness of the product absorbs impact to guarantee your child’s optimum safety. The product also flaunts a reclining feature with three different options for positions along with an adjustable harness and buckle.


  • Easy to install and detach with its Latching system with a push-button.
  • Built with outstanding impact-resistant feature through its stabilizing frame, sturdy base, V-tether and more.
  • Has adjustable reclining feature, reliable harness and a buckle system to keep your baby secured and comfortable all throughout your ride.


  • Expensive.
  • There are some users who had durability problems with the back of this product’s headrest.
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