Best Car Seat for 2 Year Old of 2016

Best Car Seat for 2 Year Old

Best Car Seat for 2 Year Old

What Is The Best Car Seat For 2 Year Old?

Travelling with your kid is always fun as you introduce him to new places and things that will truly let you see an enchanting, gleeful smile and laugh from him. For your travels to be completely hassle-free and safe, it is already a common step for parents to get a car seat that would match not only your car, but also your kid’s needs.

A rear facing car seat is the most recommended one for infants, however, once your little one age and reaches 2 year old, he becomes old enough to be categorized as a toddler which means that his needs will certainly be different again. What you need to search for now is the best car seat for 2 year old kids, which will certainly help you with your situation.

There’s a tower of choices for car seats for your little one which makes it incredibly tricky and difficult to find the best car seat for 2 year old. You can also go at it on different ways: you can get an extended rear-facing seat that will be able to hold the weight of your child; a front-facing seat; or maybe a convertible one.

The choices are simply infinite-like and to look for the one you’d prefer on your own will not only be laborious – it will also be too tall a task. Of course, you don’t need to delve on that step as I will help you narrow your choices through this list of some of the best car seat for 2 year old that’s raved by lots of parents across the globe.

1. Graco Smart Seat All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

Graco Smart Seat All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

Install this convertible car seat on your car and you surely will be able to experience the most versatile and exemplary product that will provide superior protection, comfort and overall experience to your baby. Not only is this exceptional car seat extremely stylish, but it’s also equipped with the latest and most innovative features that parents look for in a car seat.

It has a harness and belt to secure your baby’s position over your ride which also has booster features that extends its usage even if your baby grows beyond your expectation. It meets standards for safety and impact-protection with its outstanding design and materials. It’s constructed with an EPS foam with energy-absorbing capabilities along with its side that’s also integrated with optimum protection.

It also has a stabilizing steel-frame and base that’s super durable, together with a Latch system that renders the product’s easy installation and detach prowess. It also has indicators for the locking mechanisms it has to allow you to ensure that the product is secured.

This product definitely explicit versatility at its finest since it also has a reclining feature, a comfortable and sturdy arm rest, a canopy for additional shield and protection, along with a cup holder to give your baby quick access to his milk whenever he wants to drink at the back.


  • Extremely versatile all-in-one product that features superior protection through its EPS Foam, Steel-frame and sturdy base and Secure Latching system that guarantees your baby’s safety throughout your ride.
  • The Latch system provides superior easy installation and detachment of product when needed.
  • Offers versatility at its fines through its additional features like the reclining feature, arm rest, canopy and cup holder.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavy and bulky.

2. Orbit Baby Toddler Car Seat

Orbit Baby Toddler Car Seat

Without a doubt, this convertible car seat tops the list when it comes to uniqueness and revolutionary features that’s undeniably one-of-a-kind in its category. This Toddler car seat is pricy, but its features will definitely justify that. It explicit a versatile feature that allows it to be used as a car seat, placed on a rocker or even on a stroller.

Its construction is also BFR-free which guarantees your baby’s utmost safety with its products. The fabric of product is extremely comfortable and gentle to the skin of your little one while it also has a rotating feature that allows it to be flexible within the car as well as easy to install and convert from rear facing to front facing seat or vice versa.

It also has an exceptional and phenomenal protection from impact which is served by its Side-Impact braces together with a unique cocooning shell that will improve the protection and safety of your child by leaps and bounds.

You’ll also notice a side-wings for the product which is made with EPS Foam that also has impact-absorbing features for maximum protection. Your baby is also ensured to be securely placed on the seat through the 5-point harness system which the product possesses.


  • Incredibly comfortable Oeko-Tex fabric that’s also BFR-Free for superior safety of materials.
  • Provides unrivaled impact-protection through its EPS Foam, sturdy build, Side-impact Braces and a revered cocooning shell.
  • Has 5-point harness system to keep your baby secured and has rotating feature for easy installation and converting process.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavy and Bulky.

3. Chicco KeyFit Strada Booster

Chicco KeyFit Strada Booster

Chicco has been clear favorite of various parents and this strada booster is undeniably one of their most outstanding product that will perform seamlessly for your baby’s utmost convenience. Its booster feature is what parents loved most about this innovative product. This allows the strada booster to fit children from 33 to 100 pounds with a height of 38 to 57 inches.

The numbers are extremely high which means that it can accommodate your toddler with ease. Even though the product is a bit harder to assemble compared to other innovative seats, it still flaunts an extremely secure and durable build that won’t fall apart even after astronomical impacts. The product is very easy to install on the car while it features EPS Foam construction that provides it with the maximum impact-protection prowess it has.

The design of the product is ergonomically designed to provide optimum, comfortable experience for your kid. It also has an innovative side wings built with comfortable materials that provides both support and protection for your child’s head, especially if he decides to sleep. There’s also an extra feature that provide superior convenience which includes its removable fabric and a cup holder.


  • Extremely comfortable, ergonomically designed seat constructed with EPS Foam for maximum impact-protection and support.
  • Booster Seat which means that it can hold a lot more weight compared to other car seats.
  • Has side wings that offers superior head support and protection for your child.
  • Has extra features for utmost convenience which includes its removable fabric and cup holder.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavy and bulky.
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