Best Crib Soother of 2016

Best Crib Soother

Best Crib Soother

What Is The Best Crib Soother?

No matter how you pamper babies or how comfortable and relaxing their cribs are, there will always be a time where getting them to sleep is more tedious than any other task you’ve had on your home.

There are even instances when babies keep their parents up throughout a long, sleepless night, crying and leaving their hard-working moms and dads confused of what to do. You can definitely try other things like entertaining them or giving them a sweet lullaby, but if all else fails, then the most sure-fire way to go is to obtain one of the best crib soother in the market.

The name of this product says it all. The best crib soother is built with unique, innovative features, from lighting effects up to music and more, which may help get the attention of your child and put him to a daze state until he or she falls asleep. In picking the one that would fit your needs, it is essential for you to be intricate in searching for the one that you believe, will be a perfect fit for your child.

Once you do get your hands on that, you’ll certainly see magical changes on your situation while giving your child and yourself, the sound sleep you all deserve. Try one of these best crib soother I’ve found on the internet, which will certainly bring wonders to you and your child’s life.

1. Fisher-Price Shooting Stars Glow Soother

Get your baby to sleep soundly quicker than ever through adding this innovative, enchanting soother to his crib which will undoubtedly make your angel’s night magical as it sings to him until he falls asleep. The design of the soother is certainly something that would keep the attention of your baby, from the gwing lights, the starry night background, and the cute and loving animals scattered throughout its platform.

It has an easy-to-press button to make the animals light up and appear more mesmerizing for your kid, which is also the trigger that will get the glowing beads dancing across the product, playing a soothing rhythm and pattern that will contribute to making your baby sleep. You can also choose what type of music to play for your kid – from white noise, nature sounds up to a sweet lullaby, which will all surely be equally tranquilizing.

The music will play out for 30 minutes which is definitely enough time for your baby to close your eyes. You can also choose various types of modes which will identify whether you want to play the motion, music and the lights, do only the two or even only one of them. This incredible soother is a perfect fit for various cribs which will certainly make your decision-making stage a lot easier.


  • Has appealing design, from its starry setup, animals and glowing beads that will surely keep your baby’s attention.
  • Easy-to-use and fits most crib.
  • Plays three types of music (white noise, nature and lullaby), while also having three different modes to choose from.


  • There were durability problems with the glowing beads.
  • Users claimed that the motion of the beads produces bit of noise which may prove to be distracting for some.

2. Dexbaby Sound sleeper

Newborns are still not that easily captivated with what they see, however, they definitely have that kind of innate attention locked on to what they can hear. If this description is what you’re experiencing right now, then this sound sleeper from Dexbaby should definitely be your go-to choice.

This soother is purely an audio-device, which as the name suggests, will help you keep your baby sleeping soundly in no time at all. It will certainly allow your baby to sleep in an extended duration, invulnerable to various distractions as the nature sounds produced by this sleeper continuously give him a unique tranquilizing effect.

There are over 10 different sounds of combination within the device and a total of 24 sounds of nature, which are definitely enough to give your baby a variety of entrancing music to lullaby him to sleep. The timer of the device designates that the max limit of it is only 60 minutes and you need to re-play it if you want to. The speaker of the sleeper is unquestionably reliable and durable, and will be able to stay flawless and unbeaten even after quite some time.


  • Give newborn babies long, sound and peaceful sleep by aiding them through this mesmerizing audio-device.
  • Has over 24 sounds of nature and 10 combinations which are definitely enough to give your baby a variety of entrancing music to lullaby him to sleep.
  • Has high quality speaker that will perform excellently and remain durable even after some time.


  • The speaker needs more volume.
  • The duration of music is too short and the nature sounds quickly change too much.

3. Chicco Goodnight Stars Projector

This award-winning soothing projector for your baby is a hit amongst parents as they claim it to be one of the must-haves if you want to guarantee a peaceful sleeping time for your kid. It comes in blue and pink colors which gives you the proper option depending upon what color you think your baby might like.

Once the projector sets off, it will create a magical, enchanting environment that will start keeping your baby entranced. As the projector keep your baby attracted, the device will also play a tranquilizing background music that will truly push your baby to the point of closing his eyes and sleep soundly with no problems at all.

Various nature sounds will fill the room while some unique melodies like New Age, Rossini and Bach plays out. If you aren’t in need of the audio aspect of the device, you can still use the projector as a wonderful light that will enable you to check your baby’s situation during the night. It also comes in a unique toy character to accompany your kid and allow him to enjoy even more before he falls asleep.


  • Comes in blue and pink colors that are loved by parents across the globe.
  • Plays relaxing pieces of Music from Nature Sounds up to pieces like New Age, Rossini and Bach.
  • Bright, soothing and relaxing light will enchant your baby’s room, contributing to his sound sleep, while also acting as an exemplary nightlight.


  • Incredibly short amount of music duration.
  • Not the most unique device for its price.
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