Best Lightweight Stroller for Travel of 2016

Best Lightweight Stroller for Travel

Best Lightweight Stroller for Travel

What Is The Best Lightweight Stroller For Travel?

When travelling to distant places with your baby, it is imperative that you are equipped with everything you need to give your baby a comfortable and safe experience so you wouldn’t have anything to worry about. One of the most trivial questions when delving into this topic is whether a stroller is really needed when you’re planning to travel for a few days. The answer to that is an absolute yes. However, not just any stroller will fit this kind of need – what you’ll have to purchase should be the best lightweight stroller for travel.

The best lightweight stroller for travel will surely redefine, not only your baby’s experience, but also yours. It is the most essential type of stroller you need so you can carry and transport it with no hassle at all. Still, you need to find the ones that would pack the functionality, durability, protection and comfort which will make your travel even more worth it. You should be intricate and careful at picking your purchase to make sure that you wouldn’t have a deplorable experience. It’s undeniably a tough feat, but if you’ll be using this list of few of the best lightweight stroller for travel today, then you’ll certainly be able to breeze through the searching process.

1. Baby Jogger Vue Lite Umbrella Stroller

Baby Jogger Vue Lite Umbrella Stroller

Revel on convenience at its finest through this amazing and one-of-a-kind stroller, built with a sturdy canopy and a sleek, reversible position option that will certainly redefine your whole experience. Its most revered feature which is its sleek reversible prowess, allows you to choose whether your child will have the view facing the front or if you want him to face you.

It’s also a godsend item for travel since folding and transporting it is a lot easier than ever with its foot release that will automatically trigger the product to fold seamlessly. It also comes with a handle to give you an easy time carrying it wherever your destination might be with your child. It also has an astounding reclining feature to give your child an unrivaled comfort.

The product can also hold up to 55 pounds, protected with an SPF 50+ canopy that can easily be adjusted. Its lightweight wheels will also make travelling a lot easier especially with its front swiveling wheels that will boost your experience to the roof.


  • Has sleek, reversible option for the seat which will give you the option to put your child facing the front or to you. This lightweight product can car
  • ry up to 55 pounds and has a sleek, quick-fold feature through its foot release.
  • It has a sturdy canopy with SPF 50+ for ultimate sun protection while also boasting a topnotch reclining feature.


  • A bit expensive
  • Canopy isn't full coverage
  • Some parents were a bit disappointed with the uncomfortable straps of the product

2. Chicco Capri Stroller C6

Chicco Capri Stroller C6

If lightweight is what you’re looking for, then look no further as this Capri Stroller from Chicco will undeniably fit the criteria you’ve set with flying colors. It’s one of the most affordable choice that won’t have a compromised quality which means that it’s definitely a worthy purchase that will fit your travels seamlessly.

This compact and extremely light Stroller is very easy to transport with its 11-pound weight. It has a canopy to provide sufficient sun protection for your kid and it’s constructed with sturdy but air-light aluminum frame that’s anodized. Your baby will also be guaranteed superior security with the product’s five-point harness system.

Its canopy is also adjustable and removable if not needed, giving you complete convenience and control of your baby’s ride. It comes with a reclining feature with 2 different positions to give your baby choices that will give him the utmost comfort he needs. The product also provides a large basket that will render you with stellar storage prowess while it also comes with a carry bag and strap, which will certainly be an essential part to your travel.


  • Lightweight and durable stroller constructed with aluminum frame and weighs only about 11 pounds.
  • Secures your kid’s position with a sleek five-point harness system and provides superior comfort with reclining feature for 2 different positions.
  • Has adjustable canopy and a large storage basket for superior storage.


  • The basket wasn’t that big.
  • The reclining feature is extremely limited.
  • Several users found it difficult to maneuver.

3. Quinny Yezz

Quinny Yezz

One of the highest-rated stroller today which comes with a price is this Quinny Yezz that will undeniably be worthy of every penny you’ll put down for it. Though it may not be as fully-packed as other models out there, it definitely aces the score when it comes to its maneuverability and outstanding performance and materials that makes it a perfect fit for any travel.

This stellar stroller is equipped with a sturdy canopy to protect your baby from the sun, wind and more, while its lightweight feature constructed with sturdy materials make it very easy to carry. The product is also built in with a one-hand folding feature making it easy to store, carry and setup within a matter of seconds.

It has a full-blown wheel mechanism that provides it with sleek and seamless movement and maneuverability, making it very easy to push and direct wherever you want which is essential for any trip you have with your kid. It comes with small pockets and storage to give you room for your essentials and make your trip even more worthy. This on-the-go stroller is undoubtedly lacking in extra features, but this aspect is what gives it its amazing lightweight feature and over-the-top maneuverability.


  • Extremely lightweight and durable product that’s extremely easy to carry which is perfect for travel.
  • Easy to fold with one-hand folding and equipped with high-quality wheel structure that makes it highly maneuverable.
  • Has sturdy canopy for stellar protection from UV rays for your child.


  • Expensive.
  • Lacks in compartments and other innovative add-ons like cup holders and more.
  • Doesn’t recline.
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