Best Rear Facing Car Seat of 2016

Best Rear Facing Car Seat

Best Rear Facing Car Seat

What Is The Best Rear Facing Car Seat?

You don’t have to coop your baby inside your home during his early months and years. With the right products to guarantee his safety and utmost convenience during travels, you’ll be able to bring him anywhere with ease and no problem at all.

However, letting your kid sit casually on your car’s regular seat may undeniably bring him more than you think and scientifically speaking, the best way to solve it is to get the best rear facing car seat that will let your kid have that comfortable position that may even let him fall asleep during your travels.

It is already proven that having the best rear facing car seat is a lot safer and more convenient for your baby compared to front-facing. Also, although it is naturally recommended that babies from 1 to 2 year olds are the best fit for rear facing, countless moms beg to differ and extends the rear facing experience of their kid to the best of the abilities of the products available today.

Preferably, you should also choose those convertible options that can also be used for front-facing when your kid reaches that age. To strip you with the hassles of searching on your own, I have made a list of the best rear facing car seat in the present that are raved and loved by countless parents worldwide.

1. Britax ClickTight

One of the game-changers in the industry of car seats is the ClickTight from Britax that has become an instant favorite of parents since its advent. The most revered feature of the brand is its patented, clicktight system that provides easy and firm installation which will guarantee the safety of your child throughout your ride.

It also has an outstanding Impact-Protection for its Sides through the product’s Safecell feature. With this kind of protection, you’ll surely be reassured and be put to ease with the product’s superior protection and care for your child’s convenience. It can hold up to 40 pounds when it’s rear facing and can be converted to a front facing seat to accommodate up to 65 pounds.

Other features of the seat includes a harness built with a ‘Click and Safe’ Indicator to guarantee that your child is properly secured over your travels along with a reclining feature that can be adjusted to 7 different positions for superior comfort of your little one. There’s also the Stabilizing Steel-frame of the seat which greatly reduces the seat’s flex during collision to add up to the overall protection which this seat serves for your child.


  • Very easy to install with its unique ClickTight System which guarantees secure fit within a matter of seconds.
  • Has Impact-reducing Stabilizing Steel-Frame and a complete Safecell protection for the sides of the seat.
  • Built in with surreal reclining feature with 7 different positions along with a snug harness that has a click and safe indicator feature that will reassure you that your child is secured at the back while you drive.


  • Expensive.
  • According to some users, the seat doesn’t have an excellent padding.

2. Diono Pacifica

Diono had continuously delivered car seats that have performed beyond the expectations of their users and this new addition to their exceptional line of products will definitely live up to the brand’s reputation. It’s made for extended rear-facing so your child won’t outgrow it too fast and he can enjoy the joys and comfort of rear facing even if he have exceed the recommended 1 year duration.

This was made possible through the intricate design of the product with the exceptionally deeper side walls than regular seats. It’s constructed with a durable and sturdy steel-frame integrated with an innovative and phenomenal Super-Latch System which will grant you an easy installation experience while also giving your child a more comfortable, safer and firmer seat position.

The product can take up to 50lbs of weight as a rear facing seat while it can be converted to front-facing to hold weight up to 90lbs. With its ‘Booster Mode’ on, you’ll also be able to extend the usage of its rear-facing capabilities up to 120lbs and a height of about 57-inches. Aside from this, the product also features groundbreaking EPS Foam with energy-absorbing capabilities which will help protect your kid’s body from impacts. There’s also the reliable Harness that’s also equipped with a Safestop Energy-absorbing prowess to give your child additional protection in case any accident occurs.


  • Convertible rear-facing car seat equipped with Super-Latch system that provides easy installation, a more comfortable and safe seat for your child, and a Booster Mode to increase the rear-facing capacity of the product.
  • Integrated with a unique Energy-absorbing EPS Foam that will protect your child from impacts.
  • Has a reliable harness with SafeStop Energy-absorbing prowess to give child additional protection in case any accident occurs.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavy and Bulky.

3. Graco Size4Me

Graco has already made firm place on the upper echelon of the industry and this product solidifies why they have been raved by countless consumers for a quite some time now. This highly adept car seat exemplifies the best features you can ever hope for to give your child a comfortable and safe experience through short to long rides.

Installing the product will also prove to be no challenge at all since it’s integrated with a sleek In-Right Latch System that will allow you to place it in a second. The seat can hold up to 40 pounds when used as a rear facing seat while it can be converted to a front-facing so it can hold up to 65 pounds with ease.

The product also has a reliable and sturdy 5-point, adjustable Harness system to keep your baby secure and give you seamless control to adjust it for the sake of your child’s optimum experience. It has a reclining feature with 3 positions and 2 positions for its buckle, along with a removable support for your child’s head and body. It is also tested and proven to be very effective and safe during impacts through its EPS Foam that’s Safely Engineered to give your child utmost protection during accidents.


  • Convertible seat that can hold up to 40 pounds as a rear facing car seat and about 65 pounds as a front facing seat.
  • Has sturdy construction with a 5-point harness system to secure your child’s position along with reclining feature and 2 different position for the buckle.
  • Equipped with EPS Foam with impact-reducing prowess to protect your child during accidents.


  • Expensive.
  • Users claimed that the harness were not that tight and secure for their child.
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