Best Stroller and Car Seat Combo of 2016

Best Stroller and Car Seat Combo

Best Stroller and Car Seat Combo

What Is The Best Stroller And Car Seat Combo?

When travelling with your baby, having an exceptional stroller definitely makes a difference from having one that may only inconvenience your trip. However, you may notice that after checking for a stellar stroller, you will immediately be looking for a car seat that will keep your baby secure in the car where he can’t seat on his dear stroller. This kind of step will definitely take its toll on your budget and time. Why not hit two birds with one stone and get both of this by looking for the best stroller and car seat combo?

Just as the name implies, the best stroller and car seat combo is a combination deal presented by various brands in order to deliver the two products mentioned in one purchase for the consumer’s ultimate convenience. Buying a combo will also render you with quick, compatible changes that will prove to be hassle-free during your trips.

Other than that, many of the ones at the upper echelon of the choices in the market today, consists of topnotch and outstanding features that will give you and your baby, a more exciting, hassle-free, worry-free and enjoyable experience. What better way to search for the best stroller and car seat combo other than to start from the ones that have already proven themselves to other parents, right? Here are some of the most ideal choices that will certainly be an instant hit for you.

1. Summer Infant Fuze

Relish the pinnacle of innovation through this state-of-the-art and critically acclaimed stroller that’s been dubbed by many as one of the most outstanding and topnotch stroller that explicit a lightweight experience integrated with tons of features you’d love for your child. Despite its lightweight structure, this sleek item won’t be outgrown by your baby until he reaches about 50 pounds.

It’s constructed with durable air-light aluminum frame, giving it the unique weight and convenience it possesses. It can also fit as a car seat as it comes with an outstanding universal adapter that will fit most seat brands available today. You can also interchange the position of the seat on the stroller to either rear or front.

Its reclining feature up to three different positions is also very easy to manipulate while a 5-point harness guarantees safety and security of your kid. The Fuze stroller also folds quite nicely for the perfect storage and travel experience with it. Its travelling prowess is further guaranteed with its all-suspension wheel, reliable rear brake and a swivel front heel that’s also lockable if you wish to.

To render you with more control, the handlebar comes in an ergonomic and height-adjustable design for your utmost convenience. It also oozes with storage areas like a cup holder, rear pockets for your essentials, and a storage basket with an extra-large size for you and your baby’s needs during your stroll.


  • Constructed with lightweight, aluminum frame that folds nicely and can easily be stored or transported.
  • Has intense and award-winning all-suspension wheels paired up with rear brake, swivel front heel and an ergonomic and adjustable handlebar for maximum control and stability with the stroller.
  • Has plenty of storage, a 5-point harness and comes with universal adapter for car seat.


  • Expensive.
  • The folding structure of the stroller isn’t very noteworthy.

2. Graco Fast Action Sport

Travel with ease and superior maneuverability brought by this one-of-a-kind travel system, satisfying your needs for both a stroller and a car seat for your infant. This product is absolutely lightweight and comes with an easy-folding feature that would only take a second. This superior folding ability makes it very easy to store and transport.

Aside from this, it also flaunts an exception reclining feature for your little one’s optimum convenience and comfort. It also has a roomy basket to accommodate everything you and your child needs for your travel while it also possess an outstanding canopy that can easily be adjust to give your baby a full-coverage defense against the sun, wind and more elements that may affect his condition.

This sport stroller and car seat combo also possesses an amazing, three-wheel Fast Action system for guaranteed sleek and seamless strolls that will certainly prove to be convenient for both you and your baby.


  • Absolutely lightweight product that can withstand over 50 pounds accompanied by a car seat that can carry 35 pounds.
  • Lightweight frame is durable and can easily be folded for easy storage and transportation.
  • Has Three-Wheel Fast Action system that contributes to its maximum maneuverability.
  • Has roomy storage baskets, an adjustable canopy and a reclining feature with multiple positions.


  • Expensive.
  • Basket is difficult to access

3. Chicco Cortina SE 30 Travel System

One of the most critically acclaimed travelling system offering the goodness of both a superior stroller and a reliable car seat is this Chicco travel system that has indeed exceeded the expectations of its consumer base. It is unquestionably a perfect combination that would equate to a hassle-free and worry-free travelling experience with your baby.

It boasts its extremely convenient and comfortable stroller along with its reliable and easy-to-install car seat that would keep your baby safe and secure all the time. Its patented Travelling system also allows superior, quick transition from the two variations of the product. Its reclining feature is also at the peak of the industry as it is even integrated with a Memory tech that will allow the device to remember the position it was once it before you have folded it.

It is also very easy to fold with just one hand and it even has a front-wheel suspension and a rear break with toe-tap feature, guaranteeing superb maneuverability. It also comes with comfortable and plushy inserts to bring up the product’s comfort and support department while it also has innovative foams which provides additional protection from impact for the baby.


  • Sleek and innovative, quick transition stroller and car seat combo which will provide your baby with a comfortable experience.
  • Has front-wheel suspension and a rear break with tap-toe feature for topnotch maneuverability.
  • It’s infused with inserts and foam with energy-absorbing prowess to guarantee your baby’s safety and security.


  • Expensive.
  • Not that lightweight.
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