Best Stroller for Travel of 2016

Best Stroller for Travel

Best Stroller for Travel

What Is The Best Stroller for Travel?

When parents finally have their sweet babies on the comfort of their warm arms, majority tends to settle down first to focus on taking care of their child. However, there’s still a large portion who wishes to travel to distant places and let their baby see the world from young age. For those who fall under this category, the most common question that pops out next is deciding whether to take a stroller or not.

You may think that it’s a hassle to bring one, however, it will surely prove to be useful when you reach your destination especially if you’re going to stay there for a considerable amount of time. However, you don’t have to worry as the best stroller for travel will still allow you to have a comfortable and easy experience transporting your baby.

When travelling to distant places, the total weight of the things you’ll carry is almost equivalent to a huge portion of your experience. Of course, you wouldn’t want to bring something extremely heavy and from this, you’ll be able to conclude that the best stroller for travel are those lightweight ones.

Other than being lightweight, you must also choose the model that combines it with maximum durability, performance and features which will render you stupefying results. Weigh down some of these best strollers for travel and see if one of them may suit your taste and needs.

1. Chicco Capri Stroller

One of the simplest, most economical stroller today that will certainly be the best fit for your travels is this cool and outstanding creation from Chicco, the Capri Stroller. Without a doubt, it ranks as one of the lightest choice available in the market today and if you’re looking travel to distant places with your baby, you’ll have a more enjoyable time with this reliable partner by your side.

What makes this heavenly stroller incredibly lightweight, is its minimalistic design. It only has a minimum amount of storage area, however, it pays up with that shortcoming through its Easy-to-carry and easy-to-fold characteristic. It’s constructed with aluminum anodized frame, a seat with 5-point harness to secure your kid, and a reclining feature to about 2 different positions.

It’s also equipped with a dependable canopy for superior protection of your kid from the cold, wind and the rays of the Sun. Not to mention, it packs all this in a very reasonable price that’s below a hundred bucks.


  • Incredibly affordable and minimalistic design makes it perfect partner for all kinds of travels you have in your list.
  • Built with aluminum frame that makes it very lightweight, easy-to-carry and easy-to-fold.
  • Equipped with reclining feature, a 5-point harness to secure your kid and a removable and adjustable canopy for superior protection.


  • Recline is very limited.
  • The storage is very small.
  • Difficult to maneuver.

2. UPPABaby G-Luxe Stroller

Travel in style with your baby and experience maximum satisfaction through the help of this amazing companion which will certainly allow you and your baby to relish on everything you need, packed in a single stroller. Its mesmerizing appeal isn’t the only thing that’s working on this luxe stroller as it is also packed with plenty of helpful features to give you nothing short of your expectations and needs.

This robust and exceptional stroller is incredibly lightweight that makes it easy to carry anywhere with plenty of comfortable seat to keep your kid accommodated and relaxed. The relaxing seat for the baby is made with fabric that’s resistant to stain and water, making it very easy to clean as well.

The wheels of the stroller performs exceptionally which will provide you and your baby with a seamless, effortless ride wherever you may be going. The canopy is paired up with a unique, reliable sun-visor to guarantee the protection of your child against the sun. Its reclining feature is also very easy to adjust with just a single hand and the seat is built with a 5-point harness for the security of your child on the seat.


  • Lightweight stroller with roomy, stain and water resistant, comfortable seat equipped with 5-point harness, to keep your baby relaxed throughout your journey.
  • Has easy-to-adjust reclining feature and a reliable canopy equipped with sun-visor for guaranteed protection of your kid.
  • Unique and exceptional all-suspension, high-performance wheels guarantee a seamless and bump-free ride with maximum maneuverability.


  • Expensive.
  • Not very easy to fold.
  • Peek-a-boo window should be added to the canopy along with comfortable padding for the harness.

3. Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

Without a doubt, this 3D Lite Stroller is one-of-a-kind in the market and perhaps, one of the most innovative creations of our generation. It has a sleek design that oozes with a vibe of reliability and even though it’s extremely lightweight which makes it fit for travels, it can still hold quite a considerable amount of weight compared to other strollers at the same weight range.

The stroller is very easy to carry and fold and it’s even packed with superb reclining feature that can go straight to a near-flat recline. The stroller is equipped with plenty of room for storage. It has a big basket, a small pocket for your essentials and a sleek cup holder for utmost convenience.

Its canopy is also sufficiently large and paired up with a sun-visor to protect your child from the heat. It has front-wheel suspension and an impressive, tall handle-bars for superior maneuverability. Though you may not believe it, the price of this outrageous stroller ticks at a stunningly low price, making it a complete must-have for any parents out there.


  • Very lightweight build that’s easy-to-fold, carry and recline, and has huge capacity for weight which makes it a top hit for parents.
  • It has plenty of storage areas and a cup holder for superior convenience for you and your baby.
  • Has extensive near-flat recline, a canopy with sun-visor, a front-wheel suspension system and an outstandingly tall handle-bar.


  • Seats are too short according to some users.
  • Some had trouble with the maneuverability of the wheels.
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