Best Umbrella Stroller of 2016

Best Umbrella Stroller

Best Umbrella Stroller

What Is The Best Umbrella Stroller?

Our kids are most sensitive during their toddler years. Even the slightest discomfort they feel may affect their mood and of course, their overall condition. Different free radicals meet their way in each day and one of the most prevalent one that will certainly put guaranteed effects on them is the Ultraviolet rays from the sun, especially if you take them out for a stroll or a short trip through the mall.

Babies are delicate and the effects of UV rays on them is far more harmful than you may think. Our angel's protection are of utmost importance and to provide an unyielding defense for them, the best umbrella stroller will certainly be an essential equipment.

When picking out the best umbrella stroller, you don't have to stick to the traditional choices that may be too bulky or heavy. There are some lightweight choices within this category as well with astounding performance, however, remember that with weight comes more innovative features. If you think that this innovative feature won't make that much difference for you, then you definitely must opt for the one that's going to be of service to you better.

You must also remember to keep durability, sturdiness and design in mind, to ensure your baby's safety. Here are some of the best umbrella stroller which will surely benefit you in variety of ways and will be worthy of every penny you pay for them.

1. UPPABaby G-Lite Stroller

Allow your baby to indulge on epic goodness with this G-Lite Stroller from the revered brand of UPPABaby, which without a doubt, will also give you a worry-free, effortless experience you wouldn’t want to let go off ever again. This stroller, as the name implies, comes in a very lightweight and compact design that’s undoubtedly a perfect companion for any kinds of trips – from simply running errands up to distant vacation with your kid.

Even with the compact design of this amazing equipment, it’s still packed with plenty of features that’ll surely make every money you’ve paid for it to be extremely worth it. It is extremely easy to fold, carry and store, constructed with a sturdy aluminum frame that also contributes to its air-like weight. Its mesh sling-seat is highly durable, breathable and comfortable, equipped with adjustable 5-point harness for absolute safety of your child.

Its handle-bars are tall and surrounded with comfortable grips for easy maneuverability and control. It has a sleek, folding system, a superb front swivel and all-suspension wheels for exceptional and seamless movement, and individual breaks for maximum safety. The adjustable canopy is also removable and guarantees over 50SPF protection. It has a cup holder with removable feature and an outstanding strap to carry the stroller with ease.


  • Incredibly lightweight, easy-to-fold, carry and store, compact stroller with a wide array of features to keep you and your baby satisfied.
  • Has comfortable, breathable seats, an adjustable harness for safety, aluminum frame construction, ergonomic handles, and exceptional wheel features.
  • Provides superior UV protection with SPF 50 canopy and very easy to carry with carry strap that comes with it.


  • Expensive.
  • No reclining features.
  • Storage is small.

2. Maclaren Quest Stroller

There are many things that you’ll certainly love with this outstanding stroller and though it may be pricy, you may just feel satisfied investing on it to give you and your child, a relaxing experience in every stroll you make. This compact and lightweight stroller can only hold up to 55lbs of weight, however, it is definitely enough to keep your newborn and infant in a nice comfortable fit.

It is very easy to carry as it comes with a strap, while also being very easy to fold through its one-handed fold feature. It has a cozy, durable and comfy seat for your child paired up with a sleek, 5-point harness for optimum security. It’s also very easy to set-up compared to other lightweight models and comes with sleek wheels that offers seamless ride experience.

There’s also the back recline of the stroller which is more outstanding than what average strollers offer and plenty of storage areas along with a small pocket to keep your essentials within your hand’s reach. The canopy is also praiseworthy as it offers an exemplary SPF 50 protection from the UV rays of the sun, equipped with a Peek-a-boo window so you can easily check up with the status of your child.


  • Extremely lightweight and versatile stroller that’s easy to carry and singlehandedly fold.
  • Provides Cozy, comfortable seat for baby with 5-point harness and epic reclining feature that will certainly exceed your expectations.
  • Has phenomenal canopy with SPF 50 protection and a Peek-a-boo Window.


  • Expensive.
  • Hard to Maneuver.
  • Lacks innovative features for its price.

3. Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller

This Joovy Groove Stroller is truly a choice you wouldn’t regret making as it allows you, the parent, to have utmost convenience through its lightweight and feature-packed design, while rendering your baby a comfortable time that will certainly keep him relaxed over your travels. This state-of-the-art equipment has very comfortable and cozy seat for your baby along with a reliable and protective Canopy, equipped with the revered ‘Peek-a-Boo’ feature that will allow you to keep tabs with what you’re child’s doing on the front.

Aside from the generous canopy, there’s also a zip pocket and a small pouch for you to keep your essentials within your eye’s sight, reassuring you a safer experience. It has an easy to adjust back-recline for your baby’s convenience and comfort while its leg rest is also highly adjustable. With its lightweight feature and high quality wheels with front and rear suspension, pushing the stroller will also require you no sweat at all. It also has other miscellaneous, convenient features like cup holders, Straps, a medium-sized basket, a carry-handle and more.


  • This lightweight stroller is extremely versatile and equipped with tons of pockets to keep your things accommodated, especially your essentials.
  • The lightweight structure, front and rear suspension and high-quality wheels, allows the product to have high-level of maneuverability and seamless motion.
  • Has large, protective Canopy with Peek-a-boo feature so you can observe your child from the back.
  • Has tons of miscellaneous features, and outstanding adjustable back-recline and leg rest.


  • Expensive.
  • Longer than average strollers.
  • Some users claimed that it gets harder to maneuver as your baby grows.
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